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Ashley Banks

Ashley Banks is a new and young author of children’s literature that encompasses health and her own personal memoirs . She’s a mother of one, but also a business owner and in the clinical cancer research field by day. Her story recounts her own childhood, watching her mother battle with breast cancer and eventually passing on. With her family’s hometown being in Brooklyn, New York, Ashley, now, spends her days in the city of Atlanta

About my Book

“I’ve always loved reading. I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life, because I’ve been through some pretty rough times... the most pivotal being watching my mom get sick & weak from breast cancer, until one day she was just gone. Kids go through that experience daily. I’m not the only one... so this is a book for them... for kids like me.”



“I Love You Forever” Book


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Follow the journey of a little girl who learns to cope and grow after seeing her mother battle with cancer. How does it make her feel? Is it okay to get upset or should you only cry? Ashley experiences it all, and that’s absolutely okay.